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Happy Halloween, Readers!2 min read

October 30, 2020 2 min read

Happy Halloween, Readers!2 min read

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Owliver’s Post began two months ago with the aim of informing readers about everything right in the world. Too often we are subject to negative and traumatic news, eventually leading us to believe that there is no silver lining or light at the end of this dark tunnel. Fear not (that’s very un-halloween like, but let’s imagine just for a second), dear girls and boys, the world as we would like to know it is very much alive.

This Halloween, not only is our team continuing to bring you the best news we can get our hands on, but we’ve also got a tonne of special articles to get you into a spooky mood! Here are some of our specials that you shouldn’t miss out on:

  • Have you ever entered the world of Roald Dahl? Well, you should, and what better book to start with on Halloween than The Witches!
  • Ghost Towns always give me the heebie-jeebies! But in case you’re not like me, join Pia’s tour of the world’s most popular ghost towns.
  • Did you know that bats actually have a super-duper immune system and that’s why they never catch a disease though they carry so many? Read what Shriya has to say about these Halloween favourites.
  • What’s blue, round, and will be visible to us on this year’s Halloween? The blue moon! Go here and check out this story by our writer Malvika.
  • The Curse of Pompeii is real and this lady says she was a victim!

I’ll leave you to it now, fellow readers. Remeber to question everything and if you have some for us along the way, our stories are all open for your comments.

Happy Ghosting!

Editor, Owliver’s Post

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