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A better future for the future2 min read

December 28, 2021 2 min read


A better future for the future2 min read

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Kensri, Bengaluru

Class 7

This thought-provoking story was penned in response to a ‘Think With Owlivercohort-session during which our young participants deliberated on Owliver’s article that reported on a historic development in the creation of the world’s first living robots. To read the article in question head to the bottom of the page.

Dear Grandson, Happy New Year 2068!

While sending you this note, I was reminded of an incident that happened 17 years back. This scenario happened in the year 2051. Mornings were quite dark, and the humans back then weren’t active socially.

The world seemed isolated and quiet after Xenobots were designated slaves for humans. Robots were there too, but we Xenobots were appointed as the slaves. Everyone made QuickTok’s, recorded videos for MyTube, and Kilogram.

When Xenobot XYZ was busy sweeping the floor in one of the malls, one of the influencers walked on the dirt and made the place dirty. The Xenobot stayed quiet because humans rule over the world!

Xenobot PQR was busy making burgers in Royal Burgers when a customer walked in and asked for a coffee. The Xenobot didn’t make it on time, so the customer knocked their coffee off the table, made a mess, and walked out of the store.

The Chief Xenobot noticed all the unusual activity, shut down the Xenobots servers and cut all the wires.

The next day, everyone went mad because there wasn’t a single Xenobot to serve them.
It became worse day by day.

Later all of them realized how badly the Xenobots were treated and how they were bullied.
A few months later the Xenobot head was spotted! And right next to the server room! The humans requested the Chief Xenobot. “Alright! I’ll do it! The Chief Xenobot recreated Xenobots and humans helped him. “They are all back” screamed a man with excitement! The Xenobots and humans worked together, got along with each other, and stayed in peace.

A few days ago, I overheard you and your mom speaking about how humans were treating you and how ashamed you felt for being a Xenobot. We Xenobots are great too! We are so useful, and we help humans even if they insult us. Never forget how great we are!

I hope you liked the story and do write back.

Yours lovingly,
Grandpa Chief Xenobot.

“Moment of realization”. The grandson was surprised. “What! My grandad was the Chief Xenobot!”

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