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A chance to become one of the ‘Stranger Things’4 min read

November 12, 2020 3 min read


A chance to become one of the ‘Stranger Things’4 min read

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Are you one of the millions of people that can’t get enough of ‘Stranger Things’?

For those of you that are yet to jump on this terrifying bandwagon, Stranger Things is a sci-fi-horror TV show. At its surface, is a show about a few geeky kids in the fictional town of Hawkins, Indiana. But something terrifying is brewing just beneath its shaky ground. Secret-agents, science experiments, a missing friend, a girl with superpowers, and an entire monstrous world, are only a few of the thrills that you’ll get with this freaky show.

The glowing and colourful visuals put together by the Duffer Brothers are just another reason to love this show. Image: True Interactive

If you’re already a fan, you’re either in luck or about to get super duper jealous! The producers of stranger things have put together a one-of-a-kind experience in Los Angeles, USA. This of for those of us who want to feel like we are really in Hawkins, Indiana in the 1980s. Of course, we are still living in a global pandemic, so everyone is wearing masks. (A little fact you just have to ignore while pretending to live in the 1980s.)

One of the characters from the experience running with a tase-mask on. Image: Collider via Netflix

It is a drive-into experience, which means everyone comes in their own cars and witnesses the world from inside. No one is allowed to disclose the details of what goes on in there, but if you’ve seen the TV show, you know what to expect. Rumour has it that this whole experience is pretty much identical to what you see on screen. Got the heebie-jeebies yet?

Image: Netflix

The little we know

Visitors are told that they will be attending their high school reunion in Hawkins, and at first, that is what they do. They are given a radio to communicate and have to come dressed up as though they really belong to the 80s. The guests are, after all, a part of the Stranger Things world in Hawkins.

Insert yourself into Billy’s look. Image: GIPHY

Visitors can chat with the characters from the show and even eat the popcorn and ice-cream that you see on TV! There is a DJ who is also a school-teacher and a lot of music from the 80s. Then, in true stranger things fashion, the world turns upside down, and everything gets spooky. What happens next is a big secret: but you can expect intimidating secret agents, the demagorgan, eleven, and, of course, the upside-down. We haven’t got a chance to visit yet, but from what we’ve heard, the whole thing is quite impressive! It’s rated an eleven out of ten 😀

Image: GIPHY

If you don’t live in LA, next time you get ready to watch Stranger Things, don’t forget to dress in character for the full experience. If you dress spooky enough, you could even share the ‘full’ experience with an innocent passer-by!

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