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The Alabai sheepdog’s place as Ashbagat’s national pride2 min read

November 24, 2020 2 min read


The Alabai sheepdog’s place as Ashbagat’s national pride2 min read

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In the city of Ashbagat, a busy roundabout now hosts a giant golden statue of the Alabai Sheepdog. The statue has a screen wrapped around the pedestal that shows the Alabai dogs in action.

Owliver Obscure Observations:
Ashbagat is the capital of Turkmenistan (Turkmenia). Turkmenistan lies in Central Asia. It is one of the most sparsely populated countries in the whole of Asia.

On November 12, the President, Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov, unveiled the statue that celebrates the Alabai Sheepdog, a symbol of national pride. The President has also written a book on the breed. This statue has joined another golden statue depicting the President riding a horse.

Statue of the President riding a horse. Sourced from The Guardian

The Alabai or the Central Asian Shepherd Dog is a large breed known for its ability to protect sheep and goats from wolves! These dogs also guard homes. They play the role of protectors with enough dedication that their contributions have been commemorated through this statue.
They also love kids!

Sourced from Wikipedia

The Alabais are so loved and revered that Berdymukhamedov presented a puppy to the Russian President, Vladimir Putin, on the latter’s birthday in 2017.

Putin with his Alabai puppy. Sourced from CNN.

With their presence in the White House, Russian-Turkmenistan relations and the office of the Mayor in Rabbit Hash – the dogs of the world have officially entered the political arena.

They have Owliver’s votes! What about yours?

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Sourced from The Guardian, BBC and CNN.

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