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A Jazz musician does some soul-searching in the afterlife3 min read

January 9, 2021 3 min read


A Jazz musician does some soul-searching in the afterlife3 min read

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How often have you wondered: What happens once we die? Why are we alive anyway? What is your purpose in life? Where do we stand in this massive universe in which we only amount to a tiny microscopic speck? These are all life’s biggest questions, and Pixar’s Soul is here to play some jazz with them.

Soul movie cast: Who is the voice of The Accountant? | Films |  Entertainment | Express.co.uk
Abstract luminous creatures provide plenty of laughs in the film. Image: Daily Express

Soul is a vibrant animated picture set in New York and that mythical place you go to once you die. The movie is both a comedy of errors and a daring glare at life’s most daunting questions. Moreover, it accomplishes all this while keeping up with a rhythmic backdrop of Jazz.

Jazz is a style of music that was invented by African Americans and is played from the soul rather than within the traditional rules and structures of music. Listen to this jazzy rendition of the classic nursery rhyme Old Mac Donald to get a sense of the light playfulness and magic that encompasses jazz.

Life’s a lot like jazz

Soul movie Funny scene | Disney movies | Pixar's Soul - YouTube
Joe Gardner in his classroom. Image: Disney

Soul is the story of Joe Gardner, a middle school Jazz teacher with a passion for music. He believes that his sole purpose in life is to play music but can’t help but feel dissatisfied. How can he fulfil his purpose while teaching clamorous musicians in middle school?

One fine day his dreams come true, and Joe is finally given the opportunity of a lifetime. Joe Gardner will finally play the show of his dreams with a magnificent singer in New York’s finest jazz club.

The movie centers on Joe Gardner, a jazz pianist with a day job as a middle-school music teacher.

Owliver’s Obscure Observation: Soul is only the fourth animated movie made by Disney that has an African American in the lead.

However, Joe plunges to his death soon after he receives this splendid news. His soul lands on the path to the great beyond, the place where souls go in the afterlife. Thereafter, the movie travels between the world as we perceive it through our senses and the spiritual realm of thoughts and ideas that can’t be seen.

A comedy of errors, abstract creatures, and an unlikely friend help Joe rethink and revisit life. Did Joe get his purpose in life all wrong? Is life itself Jazz? Watch this beautiful musical comedy to find out.

Soul Läuft Sticker by Walt Disney Studios
Joe Gardner, the movie’s protagonist plays jazz piano. Image: GIPHY

Rating: PG
Running time: 1h 40m
Directed by Pete Docter, Kemp Powers
Animation, Adventure, Comedy, Family, Fantasy, Music

You can watch this film on Disney+ Hotstar

Watch Soul’s trailer below:

Owliver’s Activity
Write down what you think your purpose in life is before and after the film. Then, see if your answers match up. Share your spiritual discoveries with us in the comments below.

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