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Night’s Artistry2 min read

September 22, 2021 2 min read


Night’s Artistry2 min read

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Raima Nair

Grade – 7

Global City International School, Bangalore, Karnataka

Soft and velveteen Night – fit for royalty.
Birds fly home for shut-eye. Cat-eyes shine bright.
Night Fairy’s elegant ballet in Child’s eyes
takes Her high to dream land.

Bright and starry Night – winking and blinking
At the Pearly Moon. Wispy Clouds, Plumpy Clouds
Move free, no regrets, soaring high.
Night Fairy now waltzing
her shimmery silver wings – a lullaby.

Cozy and restful Night – singing along with
Gentle Breeze that tiptoes the window pane.
Fireflies keep pace with their mates. Roses and lilies 
waft in to sweeten the slumber of the Child.

Dreamy and fanciful Night – shooting stars 
for Child to wish upon. And, then, song
of the larks. Behold the Sun!
Beauty of the Night gone. Child wishing
the beautiful Night would be forever.

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