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A wonderful story about being a human being5 min read

March 27, 2021 3 min read


A wonderful story about being a human being5 min read

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Amazon.com: The Breadwinner (English + Irish language version) [DVD]  [2018]: Movies & TV
The poster for the movie, “The Breadwinner”. Image: Amazon

What better way to celebrate Women’s History month than with 2017’s animated picture, ‘The Breadwinner’. It is a best-selling story about the strongest of women living in the harshest of worlds. The story was first written by, Deborah Ellis, a woman, and then adapted into an Oscar nominated movie by, Nora Twomey, yet another woman. Oh, and did I mention that the movie was also produced by Anjelina Jolie, a woman!

Nora Twomey, Saara Chaudry and Angelina Jolie'The Breadwinner' film premiere, Los Angeles, USA - 20 Oct 2017
The lead director, lead actress and producer of the film attend its launch. Image: Indiewire

Owliver’s Obscure Observation: The breadwinner has also been adapted to a graphic novel. It uses elements from both the book and the movie to create the perfect blend of stunning visuals and captivating text.
Click on the cover of the book to buy it.

The story

Meet Parvana. She is a young girl who lives in Kabul with her doting father and lovely mother and sister, but all is not well at all. Afghanistan is being terrorised by the Taliban, and women are the key sufferers of this rule. They are banished to their homes and cannot even leave to get food without a man.

Gangs of scary armed men enforce these oppressive rules, but Parvana’s baba is stubborn. He raises his daughters to see and enjoy the stories of the world. He teaches them to read and write and feels no obligation to get them married off or make them stay at home. However, his liberal acts peeve the local members of the Taliban. How dare this measly, one-legged teacher disobey their grand terrorising rule? So, one particularly vengeful and angry boy throws Parvana’s father in prison.

Parvana and her father or ‘baba’. Image: Indiewire

With no man to protect them, the three women of the house must hatch a plan to bring back their beloved baba while somehow feeding themselves. Watch as Parvana tries to do it all. She disguises herself as a young boy, Aatish, and braves the the terrifying world that constantly threatens to unveil and terrorise her. To do this she taps into her father’s favourite resource: stories.

“Stories remain in our hearts, even when all else is gone”

Baba, The Breadwinner
The Breadwinner is a moving, visually impressive lesson in modern Afghan  history | Bleader
A look into the magical world of Parvana’s stories. Image: Chicago Tribune

Owliver’s Obscure Observation: This movie forces you to let go of your desire to fixate on the terrifying terror that plagues it and to root for the little victories of everyday people. As the world hotly debates refugees, this movie shows you exactly who they are: People. People like you and me, just looking for some peace of mind.

As it alternates between the fiery fantasy of Parvana’s tales and the all too real monster of terror, this captivating movie will keep you dreaming and hoping. Its stunning visuals will leave you mesmerised as you stare in awe and hope for the triumph of humanity.

Rating: PG-13
Running time: 1 hr 40 minutes
Directed by Nora Twomey

You can watch this film on Netflix

Watch the trailer for the film below:

Think with Owliver:

Who is a refugee?
Why are women not allowed the same freedoms as men in some places?
Are the women where you live awarded equal rights and freedoms as men?
Who is a strong woman that you know and admire? Have you told them about how they inspire you yet?

Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.
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