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We are a team of writers and parents reliving the best parts of our childhood by creating responsible and fun content for readers between the ages of 8-14 years. The mission we are on through Owliver is to create a generation of thinkers who make informed decisions. 

Owliver’s Post is a place for anyone to explore and engage curiously. Young readers don’t consume news the same way adults do, and there is a need for a platform that speaks their language, on their terms. With news becoming increasingly polarised, it is getting harder to find a space that is balanced and resourceful, and where it is safe to ask questions. Even the education system encourages rote learning, as opposed to developing critical thinking and engaging students through the real world. We hope our mission fosters some change in this area, no matter how small it may be.

Team Owliver has writers, designers, illustrators, and entrepreneurs who have a combined experience of 60 years and we are on a mission to create a magazine that enables young readers and explorers to learn and engage. Please feel free to contact us here

Owliver’s Crew

Vasuki, Business and Operations

Vasuki has worked in the Ed-Tech and HR services spaces for 11+ years and comes backed with a solid understanding that educating and informing young adults directly impacts the next generation. He has previously coached youngsters on building and flying aeromodels, and even had an entrepreneurial stint in the ed-tech space.

Education: B.Sc in Economics, Maths & Statistics,

Malvika, Creative Curriculum

Malvika is a writer and designer and comes with experience as a teaching fellow and a producer at a media production house. 

Education: Post Graduate Diploma in Advanced Studies in English Literature, Ashoka University

Shriya, Gamified Content

With over six years of experience in Journalism and copyediting, Shriya comes with the idea that young readers are like sponges, waiting to absorb anything that can help them make informed choices and better decisions as adults. She would like to help in this grand process. 

Education: Post Graduate Diploma in Print Journalism, Asian College of Journalism

Akash, Martian Explorer

Akash has been in the Silicon Valley for the last two decades and spent time developing technology at various startups and hardware companies. His previous venture was Kinderlime, an early childhood educator app that connected parents to preschools. Owliver’s Post came about from his need to have an inspirational news magazine for his children.

Akash has coached lego robotics teams and has a 10-year-old daughter and 12-year-old son.

Education: Masters in Computer Science Engineering, University of Southern California. BTech in Electrical Engineering, IIT Kanpur.

Anusha, Advisor in Charge

Anusha has over a decade of experience in journalism, communications, and writing for children. Her work as a journalist has appeared in The Hindu, Economic and Political Weekly, and the Federal. She has also written children’s books for Multi Story Inc. and created a comic for The Hindu Young World called Meera. Anusha has conducted workshops on visual writing in schools and colleges across Tamil Nadu.

Education: Thread at Yale 2019, Yale University. Young India Fellowship, Ashoka University. Post Graduate Diploma in New Media Journalism, Asian College of Journalism

Rehna, Lead Scribbler

Rehna is a journalist-turned-content strategist-and-illustrator with nine years of experience in her multiple fields. She has also worked as a librarian at a Children’s Library where she coordinated activities based on different books, and illustrated children’s books for Multi Story Inc. She currently does commissioned illustrations through her Instagram handle and moniker Paper Planes Doodles.

Education: Masters in Visual Communication

Parvathy, Lead Scribbler

With seven years of experience in publishing and video editing, Parvathy has previously worked at a children’s publishing house and illustrated books for a company that designs toys and activities for children. She has also been an art teacher at a Montessori school and conducted comic workshops in schools.

Education: Masters in Fine Arts, Madras University


Asha Sridhar

Asha is a writer and editor. Her articles on education, culture, books and heritage have appeared in The Hindu, The New Indian Express and We Need Diverse Books. She has dabbled with ‘News in Education’ as part of the The Hindu In School team and enjoys writing for a young audience. She created Secret Agent Swathi and her adventures for Owliver’s Post.

Aishwarya Sivaraman

Aishwarya is a software engineer by profession but a literature nerd at heart. She has written essays on the Lord of the Rings and Edna O’Brien, and workshopped her short stories at the Bangalore Writer’s Workshop and Stanford University. Aishwarya pens the Sci-borg column for Owliver’s Post.

Adithya G

Adithya is a sports enthusiast who worked in advertising agencies before deciding to pursue his passion full-time. He joined a micro-news service as a sports editor and wrote articles for Sports360. Currently, he works as a content editor at a startup. He writes on sports for Owliver’s Post.


Arav is a 7th grader who writes on science and tech for Owliver’s Post. He’s intrigued by the excitement sports brings into his life, and follows both basketball and American football very closely. As a side hobby, he loves to bake and can’t wait to get back to normal life after the pandemic. 

Suchithra Pillai

Suchithra is a journalist with over 15 years of experience in content creation. She was initially a reporter at The Hindu, Times of India, The New Indian Express and Dainik Jagran. She later ventured into B2B journalism and SEO writing. Her last stint involved writing content for Google AI personality. She is always on a quest for new ways to express her writing and began a video storytelling platform called ‘ Tell-A-Story’. Owliver’s Post has partnered with Tell-A-Story for an interactive news column.