An unlikely adventure4 min read

August 18, 2021 3 min read

An unlikely adventure4 min read

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Rupashi Nagi

St. Mark’s Senior Secondary School

Class 7

Once upon a time, there was a family of the Falcon’s. The parents along with their five children, Mary, Luna, Lavender, Joseph, and Draco made up a happy family of wizards.

All the children after their school used to go to a tuition named centre Stingfire where they studied all that would qualify them to perform magic. They were given their own wands. And the Falcon children were thriving!

And then came time for their Christmas holidays. All the children planned to go for an adventure and their parents agreed. They had just learnt how to teleport from one place to the other in a matter of seconds! So, they decided to visit Disneyland in America, and Babylon in Iraq. But something went wrong when they tried to return back to their quaint home in Quebec, Canada. While in Disneyland, Lavendar who was conducting the magic, chipped her wand. And this slight mishap led the Falcon children straight to the gates of an isolated house near a graveyard rather than their warm and welcoming home.

But they were out for an adventure and took this occurrence in their stride!

With their wands clutched tightly in their hands, the young children opened the gate clogged with spider webs and moved inside.

They stepped inside and the door closed on its own behind them. Draco was excited. “Hey!! This looks great I want to go inside to explore more”, he said. All the siblings agreed. Then they started to climb the rickety stairs slowly. And they went to the top floor where they found a beautiful vase which was filled with water. The water was sparkling! Then suddenly they heard a voice. “Hello dear children! Help me be a human again.” The children were not sure where the sound was coming from. “Who is that?”, asked Luna. “I am the vase”, they heard in reply. The vase continued, “Once, a powerful wizard was crossing, and I welcomed him to rest and have a cup of tea in my home. But he forced me to marry him, and when I declined his offer, he turned me into this vase. I have been like this for the last thirty years stuck in time. Won’t you help me, please?”

“Yes”, exclaimed the Falcons in unison. Lavendar said, “We are wizards too, and we have learnt that we must use our power to help the world. We are sorry for what you have experienced. How do we help you?” The vase said, “Oh! Thank you, dear children! Get that pot that has the beautiful rose plants. And remove the flowers and break the pot. And then, I will be free.” 

The Falcon children did as they were told. Lavender whooshed her wand on the pot and in a brief second it lay shattered on the floor. The second the crackling sound of the ceramic filled the room, the vase let out a blinding light. As the children adjusted their eyes to the light, they saw that in place of the vase, stood a smiling lady.

“Hello, children! I am Vivian. Thank you for saving my life.”

Joseph said, “You are most welcome, Vivian. May we now turn to you for help? We need to reach our home in Quebec but we landed up here. May we know where we are?”

Vivian replied, “Oh goodness! You are in Quebec! If you do not want to risk teleporting, you can just call your parents for a ride. Here, you will find a phone to your left.”

“Thank you, Vivian. Before we go, we will like to do something for you.”
Saying that, Mary waved her wand around the house and made it beautiful! The garden came alive with plants and renewed grass, and the stairs were restored.

Just then, they heard the horn of a car and found their parents in the driveway. With a promise to meet again, the Falcon children walked to their parent’s car to recount the adventure they had been on.

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