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Suspected poacher trampled by elephants in South Africa!2 min read

April 28, 2021 2 min read


Suspected poacher trampled by elephants in South Africa!2 min read

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In a gruesome, yet.. err… weirdly positive turn of events, that may have saved the lives of many endangered species, a herd of elephants seem to have trampled a rhino poacher to death.

The incident took place at Kruger National Park in South Africa, which is home to several animals, such as rhinos, elephants, leopards and buffalos. It is one of Africa’s largest animal reserves, and hence, an ideal hunting ground for poachers.

South Africa has one of the largest populations of rhinos in the world. Credit: Reuters

Three people who were suspected of hunting rhinos were spotted by park rangers in the southern portion, and were trying to escape when they ran into a large herd of elephants.

One of the suspects was arrested during a chase involving helicopters and dog units. Later, the trampled body of one of the poachers was found, while the third, who managed to escape, is still being chased by investigators.  

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A rifle, a bag containing an axe and provisions were left behind by the men, according to officials. Gareth Coleman, Managing Executive of the Kruger National Park, issued a statement regarding the matter and applauded the team for their efforts. He stated that poaching of rhinos in Kruger National Park can only be prevented “through discipline, teamwork and tenacity.”

What exactly is poaching?

Poaching is a terrible activity that threatens many lives and livelihoods. The act of poaching is similar to hunting. The result of both is that a human being kills an animal. Poaching is illegal and not sanctioned by the country in which it occurs. It brings hefty fines in most countries, but unfortunately, that’s not enough to stop poachers.

Try your luck at this short quiz, and learn some facts about how poaching is affecting the lives of animals and the people who protect them.

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