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Are there aliens on Venus?1 min read

September 15, 2020 < 1 min read

Are there aliens on Venus?1 min read

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Scientists have recently found evidence of life on the clouds above Venus! This is a surprise because Venus isn’t the most comfortable planet for life to exist. Why? Well, let’s examine the facts:

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  1. Venus is the second planet from the sun and it is extremely hot! It’s average temperate is 450 degrees Celcius (900 Fahrenheit). That means it’s so hot there that you could cook pizza by just placing it on the floor.
  2. The atmosphere in Venus is mostly made of Carbon dioxide, which is harmful for human beings and life in general
  3. Even aircrafts that have landed on Venus only survived for an hour before being destroyed by the heat and other elements
  4. There is no water on Venus

However, scientists have found a different gas present in the clouds above Venus called Phosphine. On Earth, Phosphine is found usually in swamps or in the bellies of Penguins and is created when there is a breakdown of living matter. There are definitely no penguins on Venus, so how was Phosphine created there?

The scientists researching this are as confused as us about this. They believe that even if there is life on Venus’ clouds, it would be very small or microscopic. However, we’ll know more in the years to come.

It’s time to think:

Would you like to live on Venus?

Which other planet in the solar system do you think humans could live on and why?