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Attention Earthlings: Have the aliens been here for a while?3 min read

December 11, 2020 2 min read


Attention Earthlings: Have the aliens been here for a while?3 min read

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Are you a firm believer in alien life forms? Or do you think we exist all alone in this vast Universe?

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Well, if you believe that aliens have been lurking around for a while, you’ve got backup. Haim Eshed, a man who was once the head of Israeli Space security and is an 87-year-old Professor, has spilled the beans. 

Here are some of his Gargantuan claims:

  • Only Israel and America know about the alien touchdowns.
  • There is an Intergalactic Federation that is in charge of research and keeps the peace in the Universe. Kind of like the United Nations, here on Earth.
  • America shares a research base with the aliens on Mars. They would like to collaborate with us humans to understand the “fabric of the Universe.”
  • The aliens don’t want all humans to know about them since we earthlings aren’t ready to understand them and their spaceships. They feel that knowledge of them will drive the human world absolutely bonkers.

“Humanity isn’t ready”.

the intergalactic federation via Dr.Haim Eshed
  • Donald Trump knows about the aliens! He was about to spill the beans to the world a few years ago, but the Intergalactic Federation held him back.
  • On the other hand, Haim Eshed chose to reveal the truth now because the Intergalactic Federation thinks that humans may be ready to start getting a glimpse of aliens.
Aliens Exist, Humanity Not Ready For Them": Israel's Ex-Space Chief Says  Trump Knows About It | HW English
Dr. Haim Eshed. Image: HW News

So, yes, this may be a lot to take in, and it may make you wonder what Haim Eshed has to gain from all this. He claims nothing. Hain Eshed told the Jerusalem Post, “I have nothing to lose. I’ve received my degrees and awards; I am respected in universities abroad.”

If he is indeed telling the truth, we hope that we can live at peace with the aliens. Moreover, we hope they can bring peace and understanding to our planet as well. 

Think with Owliver:
Should we earthlings understand our own planet and fix our own issues before we set out to explore the fabric of the Universe?

Do the 2020 monoliths have anything to do with Dr. Eshed’s Claims?
Once they finally arrive, how do you think aliens will look? 

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Owliver’s Disclaimer: There is no evidence available to back up Dr. Eshed’s claim. You may choose to believe him, but it’s unlikely you’ll know whether he was right for some time to come.

With Excerpts From: Livemint