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Nine ways to be plastic-free at home and in school4 min read

December 13, 2020 3 min read


Nine ways to be plastic-free at home and in school4 min read

Reading Time: 3 minutes

By Kiran

Picture This

Did you know that the world produces 300 million tonnes of plastic waste every year?

This HUGE number is what we would get if we were to weigh all humans on the planet! The plastic crisis is now bigger than ever and people across the globe are fighting with governments to stop companies from making more plastic products. These include everything around you: soda and water bottles, soaps and shampoo jars, carry bags, packets of your favourite chocolate and bags of crisps, and even toys.

However, it’s not just the fault of just the companies. For years, we paid no attention to where plastic goes after we throw it in the trash. This has led to us being responsible for the huge amount of waste clogging this planet!

But it’s never too late to start. Here are ten ways to get you on the path to being plastic-free. Remember, every action counts.

1. Start by carrying your water bottle everywhere you go: on a short trip, a visit to the park or even the restaurant. By doing this, you won’t need to buy soda or water when you feel thirsty outside and that’s one plastic bottle less in the trash.

2. Ask your parents to give you a plastic-free lunch. This would mean packing your snacks in a metal box with steel cutlery. Goodbye cling wrap and flimsy plastic straws!

3. Observe your surroundings and find new materials to learn about. Is cardboard eco-friendly? What is melmoware? Find out and see how you can use them.

4. Do you know where your trash goes? Ask your family and learn about segregating waste: plastic does not decompose so it has to be trashed separately and kitchen waste goes in another bin. 

5. Next time your family orders take out, don’t throw the containers away. Ask for them to be cleaned and given to you. Use these boxes to grow plants or for school craft projects.

6. Does your school have an Environment Club? Be a part of it. If not, ask your teachers and start one with friends. There is so much you can do in an eco-club: organise contests to spread awareness, have tree plantation drives, and learn more about why plastic is bad for us.

7. For your next birthday or Christmas gift, how about choosing a wooden or fabric toy? They are as fun as your plastic legos and are better for the environment.

8. Don’t shy away from picking up trashed water bottles or plastic packets on the sidewalk. Oh, don’t forget to use a tissue or gloves before picking up waste!

9. Lastly, and most importantly, tell your friends and family! Talk to them about plastic and encourage them to follow what you are doing. The more the merrier!

Think with Owliver:

Have you ever wondered where your trash goes, especially the plastic trash? Find out on this video.


Author’s Note: Kiran is the nom de plume of a journalist who is passionate about the environment.

(Picture This is an illustrated column that demystifies complex topics)

Illustrations: @paperplanesdoodles