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Sisters at New Dawn: A tale of a school unlike any other!3 min read

April 24, 2021 2 min read


Sisters at New Dawn: A tale of a school unlike any other!3 min read

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Clearly, you are not the only one missing school. Owliver misses ’em too!

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Last week, we brought to you the story of the craziest wackiest school with a teacher cum bandleader who is even more bonkers. This week, we are bringing to you the tale of two sisters at another school that is just as weird and wonderful: Sisters at New Dawn by Varsha Seshan (published by Young Zubaan).

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Do you remember being the new kid in school? Were you nervous? Were you excited? Awkward? All of the above, maybe?

Well, then you know how the novel’s characters, Padma and Kannagi, must be feeling!

Two sisters, Padma and Kannagi Shankar, have just arrived at a new school called New Dawn. They have come all the way from Dubai to join the residential school. In fact, they spent a long time convincing their parents to allow them to be there. But their first day at the school leaves them dumbfounded. New Dawn is not like any other school. At New Dawn, they have subjects called Pot of Gold, Power of Sleepwalking, Math and Beauty, students playing teachers themselves, and a probation period before they gain admission to the hostel. Their classes are application based, and their assessments include Youtube channels, and 3-D models.

Padma, the elder sister, is more accepting of this change, than Kannagi, who a school prefect calls ‘firecracker’. But the charms of the school envelope Kannagi in its pathbreaking pedagogic style, and inclusive system. After all, it’s a school where students paint graffiti in the school lobby!

But a discovery in the school library causes a dent in this growing assignment, making the Shankar sisters question their presence in the school itself.

The novel takes you through a myriad of emotions. Padma and Kannagi are adopted and the novel’s narrative offers interludes where the two sisters reveal their feelings about it. They are away from their parents who they meet ever so often on video calls. Adjustming in a new environment, combatting bullying, and carving out a space for themselves are only some of the pit stops on this roller coaster of emotions!

Once you read the novel, school will never be the same! In a good way!

If you are not already imagining New Dawn, and prancing about with the Shankar sisters, then this excerpt will definitely lead you there:

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