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This Manipuri Start-Up makes tiffins out of Bamboo!4 min read

October 30, 2020 3 min read


This Manipuri Start-Up makes tiffins out of Bamboo!4 min read

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If you have ever thought of becoming a Panda (why will you not — they are the coolest), you will like this idea because it is the closest you can get to becoming one. While Pandas love to eat bamboo, you could eat from it!

Sourced from Giphy.

Zogam Bamboo Works, a start-up based in Manipur, makes tiffins out of bamboo available for sale. These tiffins can hold hot and cold food items and last up to 3 years.

V Ginkhanpau and Golan Suanzamung, Naulak run Zogam Bamboo Works in Lamka, a town in Manipur. ZBW is an eco-friendly and sustainable living business that uses bamboo to create products that are otherwise made of plastic.
Do you remember what we read about plastic and carbon footprint?
This alternative is not only a piece of art but is also a friend of our environment!

Why is bamboo awesome?

  • It is the fastest growing perennial plant so we will never run out of it.
  • A bamboo grove gives 35% more oxygen than an equivalent quantity of trees.
  • Pandas love it and pandas are awesome!
  • As it is a plant, it is biodegradable. Therefore, things made out of it are biodegradable, too!
  • A lot of cultures believe that bamboo brings good luck.

The highly skilled artists at ZBW have made pens, water bottles and decorative items, all out of the sustainable medium of bamboo. The tiffin, that joined the group during the Lockdown period, has made the work of ZBW viral online.

This tiffin has three levels of storage and a placeholder that prevents leakage and spillage. There are two versions of the tiffin, one for dry food and the other for wet food (like sauces, dal, curd etc.). With all the features (and more) of a regular tiffin.

Ginkhanpau found inspiration for his bamboo business from his childhood and his state. At 10 years of age, Ginkhanpau was making walking sticks out of bamboo for the elderly of his family.
At 27, his enterprise is making artefacts and items of utility out of bamboo for customers all over the world!

Find out more about this bamboo-zling enterprise, here.

Think with Owliver:
1. Find out more about Manipur and its culture?
What is the role of bamboo in everyday life there?
2. Think about the things you use in your everyday life that you can replace with more sustainable alternatives?

Let Owliver know in the comment section. below.

Image sourced from The Hindu

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