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Can you escape The Murk?2 min read

January 31, 2021 2 min read


Can you escape The Murk?2 min read

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Good Morning agents. The mission ahead of you is no laughing matter. Swathi, as you know, is an agent of utmost importance. It is her job to combat the evil fake news that is constantly spewed out of the Murk. And now, she has been trapped by the most deadly misinformation monster. Do not be fooled by his jolly appearance, as almost nothing in the Murk is as it appears. Trust no one. Just remember Swathi’s rules and all will be well. Godspeed.

To traverse the Murk you must enter through the lab of lies. Remember, only the truth will set you free. So, solve the puzzles in each realm and avoid the misinformation being fed to you to pass through. The Grandmaster will visit you to help you as much as she can. In the meanwhile, if you have any more questions for the grandmaster just drop her a text on Whatsapp.

Once your masterful powers of deduction have freed you of a realm, you will be given a secret code word. Enter the code word in each panel in this scavenger hunt to progress through The Murk. At the end of it all, each code word will come together to create the spell that will finally dispel misinformation and disintegrate The Murk. Share the spell with the grandmaster so she may put an end to the notorious Murk once and for all.

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