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Owliver’s Sketchbook #84 min read

July 24, 2021 3 min read


Owliver’s Sketchbook #84 min read

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Hello artists,

Have you been creating art, lately? Isn’t it a wonderful feeling when you take a blank sheet of paper and make it come alive with your thoughts, your expression, your voice, your art?

To give you a regular dose of some art, Owliver has partnered with his friends from PhilARThropy!

About PhilARThropy: PhilARThropy is a social organisation that takes art education and creation to under resourced communities by working in low income academic spaces across India).

The activities need minimum supplies, and you do not have to worry about perfecting it— this is your sketchbook. Have fun with it!

Image: Giphy

And this time, we are revisiting the works of an artist we have already worked it. Do you remember Damien Hirst?

Refresh your memory by clicking on the image, above.
Image: Artnet

Earlier, we had created Hirst’s Spot Paintings. This time we are looking at another one of his works, and its name is as cool as the artist who made it:

Super Happy Happy Dabb

It was made in 1993.

What’s great about Hirst is that his canvases are HUGE! The artwork starts emerging when you see it from a distance.

Super Happy Happy Dabby. Image: Damien Hirst

Look closely and you will find that

If you look closely, it looks like a lot of points have been together to create an image. This reminds Owliver of the technique called Pointillism. Let’s ask his friends from PhilARThropy about Pointillism:

The idea behind the technique was to introduce more light and brightness to the artwork.

Hirst does something similar with his Super Happy Happy Dabby, but he does not accord a shape to it. That makes it more playful! It can be anything— flowers, blurred light, a painting of paint spots, and whatever you see!

Let’s recreate this masterpiece, shall we?

You only need 5 paints, a brush, a mixing pallete, a paper (as big as you want), and an apron to keep the paint off your clothes.

Watch the video to get started:

  1. Make soft spots on a piece of paper in no specific order with one colour.
  2. Now, repeat the process with other colours. Choose colours that belong to the same colour story. Look to Hirst and the video for inspiration.

And it is done! Simple and quick, and beautiful and playful.

If you are still looking for inspiration for fun, look at this work by Hirst titled Cherry Blossoms. It looks like a happy cherry blossom tree from a distance but up close it looks like he had a lot of fun with a canvas!

Image: Wide Walls

And he definitely had a lot of fun:

And he definitely had a lot of fun.Image Wide Walls

You can, too! Make as many patterns as you like.

And then do not forget to send us a picture of yourself with your artwork at

We will be waiting for them!

Image: Giphy
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