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Dawn of the Future2 min read

January 9, 2022 2 min read


Dawn of the Future2 min read

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This exciting story was penned in response to a ‘Think With Owlivercohort-session during which our young participants deliberated on Owliver’s article that reported on a historic development in the creation of the world’s first living robots. To read the article in question head to the bottom of the page.

It was a chilly night. Raj looked out his window, staring at the pitch-black sky, glittering with stars. He heard a loud crash, followed by the sound of something heavy falling. Raj panicked and stormed out his bedroom door. As he entered the hallway, he encountered a hooded figure dressed in black, with a mask hiding his face.

Soon, Raj realised he was being robbed and stared at the gun pointing at his head. He resisted the urge to run and pressed the emergency button, which immediately released the Xenobots.

Xenobots were now a huge part of modern society, they were extremely quick, and had a way to deal with almost every situation. They surrounded the robber, forming a wall between him and Raj, and blocked any potential harm that could come Raj’s way. The incredibly confused and worried robber tried to shoot through the Xenobots which had clustered together. The Xenobots quickly retaliated, healing themselves and disarming the robber. The robber panicked! He ran out the front door. However, the emergency button had alerted the nearby police, who arrested him.

Raj once again looked out the window, looking on to the clear seas which were clean after so many years. He silently thanked God for this marvellous creation, which was changing the world as we know it.

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