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Stray dogs find a home in these old television sets2 min read

January 6, 2021 2 min read


Stray dogs find a home in these old television sets2 min read

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This animal lover from Assam has come up with an innovative way to help stray dogs find shelter – old TVs! Abhijit Dowarah, the creator of these makeshift kennels, wanted to make sure dogs don’t suffer in the harsh winter months.

These pups have already made this old TV set their home. Photo: The Quint

Abhijit told The New Indian Express, “Pets enjoy all comforts but the stray dogs suffer from lack of food and shelter. I thought I should do something for them in whatever little way possible.”

The little shelters Abhijit created are called ‘baator ghar’, which means street home. The innovation was inaugurated by Al Azhar Ali, the deputy commissioner of Sivasagar, Assam. Prior to creating these ‘homes’, Abhijit did some research by venturing out on the streets to observe how the dogs lived and survived.

The 32-year-old found that he loved dogs after his brother brought home a puppy a few years ago.

On learning about his initiative, other people who love dogs, including a vet, joined Abhijit to take the cause forward. Abhijit too has appealed to people on Instagram to help him in his mission.

Posting about his project, he wrote, “I will try my best to collect more television frames and build such homes. If not, I will collect some wooden boxes and place them in the streets. I won’t be able to complete my mission alone. If you like my work, then I request you all to build such #BAATOR GHOR, write your name and place them in the streets. Also, don’t forget to upload pictures along with the dogs. Your one big step can influence many.”

Watch a video on how Abhijit goes about his initiative.

The local innovator

The locals know Abhijit as an innovator – someone who takes things that are of no use to people and turns them to useful items. He had earlier created a torch for the safety of women, and more recently, he created a gadget for hand sanitisation. 

“Over the past five years, I have created some 50 utility items from scrap. So people don’t throw away old and unused stuff but give them to me. There were seven old TV sets lying at my two-room residence in Sivasagar’s Phukan Nagar. I thought if I can turn these into the stray dogs’ shelters, they can beat the winter chill,” Abhijit said. 

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