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Peep into the Star Wars universe with The Mandalorian4 min read

May 29, 2021 3 min read


Peep into the Star Wars universe with The Mandalorian4 min read

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Aishwarya Sivaraman

TV Show: The Mandelorian

Rating: 4/5

You can watch it on: Disney+ Hotstar

Have you heard of Star Wars? If not, i’m not really sure we’re from the same planet. That being said, if you haven’t yet explored the world of Star Wars, The Mandalorian is a great introduction to this expansive universe. The Mandalorian is a show created by Disney, and set in the time period between Episode Six: Return of the Jedi and Episode Seven: The Force Awakens. The series follows a bounty hunter from the Mandalorian warrior clan, as he travels around the galaxy trying to find fugitives in return for a reward. 

The first season opens with Mando (as he is fondly called) receiving instructions for a bounty (a job) to retrieve “The Child”. He travels across the galaxy to a desert planet where his ship crashes and is taken apart by a scavenger species called the Jawas. He finds a friendly old alien by the name of Kuill who helps him across the desert to find the bounty. And when Mando reaches the place where “The Child” is hidden, he ends up having to fight his way past stormtroopers (bad guys of the Old Galactic Empire) to take “The Child” to safety. And what happens when he opens up the basket? He finds…

…the cutest green baby alien you can find anywhere in the galaxy, i.e., Baby Yoda. He is an important part of the show’s plot and to understand why, you must first understand what a Jedi is.

In the Stars Wars universe, the magical world is defined something called the Force. The Force is what binds the universe and is ever present, and can be manipulated by a few gifted people. The Jedi are these gifted individuals who control the Force to create good in the universe. Yoda, in the movies, is one of the most powerful, ancient Jedis and the trainer of other powerful jedis, including Luke Skywalker. 

Mando and Baby Y form a tight bond over the first season, their relationship resembling that of father and son. They also go on some amazing adventures together, battling Jawas, battling massive mudhorns (see picture below), more stormtroopers, and giant laser shooting robots and trying to survive as people try to hunt them down.

The Mandalorian is a well-written story, with plenty of hijinks and thrills for the viewer, aliens and other visual gimmicks, but also well-drawn out characters who develop strong emotional bonds. This, in turn, beautifully encapsulates the beauty of the Star Wars universe. It is absolutely worth exploring as Disney starts making more of these shows. Get ahead of your friends and catch this series before season three premieres later this year!

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Author’s Note: Aishwarya has lived inside books since she was an eight-year-old pretending to be Nancy Drew. She suffered a great disappointment when told that Hogwarts didn’t send her any letters at age 11, the backs of wardrobes lead to nowhere (no matter how long she sat inside one) and that it is impossible to speak to animals (although she thinks her dogs come closer to human speech with every passing day).

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