Escape The Murk: Realm 4 – The School of Trickery2 min read

January 27, 2021 2 min read


Escape The Murk: Realm 4 – The School of Trickery2 min read

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Congratulations on making it so far! Strike off the places you have been to, already!

Welcome to Realm 4. It’s time to get unschooled. If you find yourself in a dark corridor with broken benches, you are now in the School of Trickery where lies are part of the syllabus, and grades are awarded for best tricks. Moving along the corridor, you might want to peep through the door of the Principal’s office. Did you get a whiff of Mucky, too? He designs the curriculum, here.  Can you hear the ominous sound coming from the stage in the auditorium? That’s where the lectures on false news are delivered. The playground is where new mazes are constructed everyday. The ‘right’ one leads you to another one until you finally come out of the ‘wrong’ side. Here, the wrong is rewarded!

But how about we try to wrong this right? The kids of The Murk deserve a chance to know the truth. And we need Swathi for that!

Do you think the statement below is true or false?
The right answer will lead you to the puzzle.

The Ministry of Education was called something else before 2020.