Escape The Murk: Realm 2 – The Forest of Doom2 min read

January 27, 2021 2 min read


Escape The Murk: Realm 2 – The Forest of Doom2 min read

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Congratulations on making it so far! Strike off the places you have been to, already.

Welcome to Realm 7 of ‘The Murk’. If you find yourself surrounded by darkness, and the hissing of giant snakes from unseen bushes, you know you have entered the Forest of Doom, where the sun never shines, and the trees never smile.
Not only do you have to combat a newly discovered venomous rabbit and a hungry mammoth that has returned from the ice-age, rumour has it that the forest is also home to Godzila. On your way, you might even find the Lake of Plastic that is hiding all the garbage accumulated in The Murk. Media reports show that it is guarded by the Loch Ness monster. But before we turn on our heels and sprint sway from the forest, let’s linger back to investigate. That is what Swathi would have done!
Are you ready to fight the lies?
Find out if this statement is true or false, and get a step closer to saving Swathi!

Pakistan is planting 10 billion trees in 2021.