Escape The Murk: Realm 7 – Perilous Pitch2 min read

January 27, 2021 2 min read

Escape The Murk: Realm 7 – Perilous Pitch2 min read

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Congratulations on making it so far! Strike off the places you have been to, already.
It’s all within grasp, my friends!

You are in Realm 7 of the game. It’s almost over… but not quite yet. The Perilous Pitch is a place of grave and sudden danger. Over the years, it has become a place where games of a different kind are played. There’s a lot of sharks swimming in its pristine pools, ghouls that guard its trophy rooms and a monster in its courts that sometimes (scratch that… always) misleads the wayward traveller. This monster is always looking for something to unlock its soul, and beware that what it’s seeking is not you!

Prepare for battle, my friends, as you engage this monster and its fiendish ways. Remember that not everything you see can be trusted in this world.
Do you think the statement below is true?

Locksport, a competition for renowned lockpickers from around the globe featured in the opening ceremony of the olympics