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Disabled dog gets new lease on life with homemade wheelchair2 min read

December 6, 2020 2 min read


Disabled dog gets new lease on life with homemade wheelchair2 min read

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It isn’t very often that you hear of prosthetics being made for animals, especially for those that end up in shelters. However, this four-year-old pooch who lives in Coimbatore, is now living his best life after his humans made a small wheelchair for him. On the occasion of International Day of Persons with Disabilities, which is on December 3, Owliver has a sweet tale for all you animal lovers out there!

Veera the pomeranian would hobble around after sustaining some injuries to his back legs. He was living at a rescue centre called Human Animal Society, and was adopted by Gayathri during the lockdown.

Veera getting his wheelchair fixed. Photo: Youtube

Gayathri’s father Kashi, a mechanical engineer, was pained by Veera’s condition, and decided to design him a wheelchair so he could move around in ease.  The wheelchair is connected to the strap of Veera’s harness, allowing him to sit and walk using his front legs. The wheelchair is made of bright yellow wheels, a plastic cup, a shoe and some padding to make it easier for the dog to walk and sit.

“Despite seeing many dogs at the rescue home, we chose this one because he was not getting adopted by anyone as he was disabled,” Kashi said. Talking about adopting Veera, Gayathri was quoted as saying, “I have always loved dogs. However, due to my studies, I was not able to spare time. Now, I am working  from home and have time. So I felt it was the right time to adopt a dog.”

Kashi has trained Veera on how to use the wheelchair, and reports say he “seems to be happy”.    

Owliver’s obscure observations

Dr Tapesh attaches a prosthetic limb to a cow. Photo: Efforts for Good

Did you know that a Jaipur-based veterinarian is credited with making India’s first prosthetic limb for animals? Dr Tapesh Mathur is the creator of ‘Krishna Limb’, and has been designing prosthetic limbs for animals since 2015. To date, he has helped 90 animals adapt to using prosthetics, including cattle, horses and dogs.

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Photo: The New Indian Express