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Free to Fall2 min read

August 25, 2021 2 min read


Free to Fall2 min read

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Purva Dhaka

The Heritage School, Delhi

Class 7

Image: Google sites

He flew high, immensely high in the vast blue sky.
He felt the sunlight on his skin, heard the chirps, the whistling wind and the rushing water.
Seeing the clouds, feeling the zephyr, and hearing the world was all he ever wanted to do
Icarus was free now, the sky his, and possibly the sea too.

Not a care in the world, turning a blind eye to the dripping wax of his golden wings,
Soaring fast, faster than the north wind, in the azure sky, Icarus blissfully spins.
Alas, it didn’t last much longer, as, to his dismay, he began to fall.
He fell, and fell, as his father frantically shouted, he realized all too late, that the wax in his wings was melting.

Oh, that fool! In the ignorance of his freedom,
he sealed his fate, for he had been too close to the sun!
The once beautiful sky to Icarus, now seemed a sickly green,
the chirping of the birds sounded like mocking,
the sunlight seemed to burn, rather than gleam.

Daedalus watched in horror as his son fell in the sea,
the sea he claimed would be his to be.
Icarus, poor Icarus, was now drowned in the unforgiving waters,
And Daedalus thought he saw a flash of his nephew as Icarus fell,
and he knew the gods were making him pay for Perdix’s slaughter.

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