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Get your colours out with My Kids Drawing!3 min read

January 29, 2021 2 min read


Get your colours out with My Kids Drawing!3 min read

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Do you remember the day you first painted or coloured? Do you remember the joy you felt when you finished your first piece of art? Was it an apple, a shape or a star? Or did you create something out of your imagination? Something abstract? A house, maybe?

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Owliver brings to you the story of My Kids Drawing, a platform where you can revisit all these memories, and make new ones!

My Kids Drawing is a passionate company on a journey to nurture creative leaders for tomorrow’s world. It’s vision is to nurture creative leaders for tomorrow’s world. It works to ensure that every kid growing up from nursery to high school can grow creatively on this platform, that has high quality customized art-based learning programmes.

We want to help grow the artist community in India right from a young age. And we want to provide the whole ecosystem to nurture their creative artistic skills.

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The platform was born as a result of a visible disengagement in creative activities. Due to immersion in the digital world, children miss out on creative imagination. My Kids Drawing gives children a platform to think, dream, and nurture creative thinking.

My Kids Drawing measures success through the feedback of their committed clients. A representative told Owliver that the biggest achievement for the team is[W]hen parents call and say how their children have improved and how excited they are to draw. It gives us immense happiness as a team. We still have long way to go before we say we achieved something satisfying.”

Presently, My Kids Drawing has 11,208 students and 734 schools enrolled in their programmes that cover more than 15,557 art uploads.
They also run free art competitions every month!
Gear up for the next one and look out for it, here.

My Kids Drawing is Owliver’s official partner for the Virtual Escape Room event scheduled for January 31.