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Getting political with 2020 trivia1 min read

December 27, 2020 < 1 min read


Getting political with 2020 trivia1 min read

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Are you ready for the second installment of our Trivia Week? This time, it’s all about the major political happenings from around the world in the past year. But first, look back at the first episode to see what’s in the store at the end of this fun-filled week!

Getting back to today’s quiz – what do you recall from the world of politics this year? With coronavirus, protests, wildfires and several other things happening this year, our world leaders sure seemed to have their hands full! Solve this crossword, get a clue, keep it safe, and stay in the game!

Congratulations! We knew you will ace this quiz. Now, store your clue safely. You will need it soon.

Watch out for episode 3 of our trivia week!