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Her invention help women pursue the careers of their dreams5 min read

August 20, 2021 4 min read


Her invention help women pursue the careers of their dreams5 min read

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Vanshika Goenka had a dream growing up, and now she’s finally fulfilling it. How? By helping other women live their dreams.

This inspirational founder of the online platform Kool Kanya helps women get prepared for their dream careers while also connecting them with other women in their fields. The popular platform provides training and expertise to women from all walks of life.

Now, Owliver chatted with the brains behind the company, to learn all about how they empower women to make their own dreams come true.

Kool Kanya

Kool Kanya Careers | Jobs at Kool Kanya - Instahyre

Kool Kanya is an online networking and training platform that helps women pursue careers about which they dream. We help our all-female subscribers by providing them with career support and community support.

We also have something that is known as a power pass. This pass is a premium version of Kool Kanya that helps women upscale. It gets them ready for new careers such as graphic design, content writing, UI and UX. Essentially, we help every woman that subscribes to our product create a career that she loves and wants to pursue.

Image: Facebook

Vanshika’s passion for uplifting women

I have always been very passionate about helping women with their careers. I was brought up in a Marwari family, and while my parents weren’t conservative, my other relatives were. For instance, a question that my father was often asked was, “you have two daughters, so who will take up the family business?”. It was as if daughters weren’t capable of working.

I’ve wanted to help women since the 9th or 10th grade. Back then, I would teach girls over the weekends.

The spark behind Kool Kanya

Everything clicked for me when I was working at a sanitary pad business, and I realised that only men were making the products. Where were all the women, I wondered. Men are never going to use sanitary pads, so why were men the only ones designing and making them? I was plagued with questions: Why aren’t there enough women in the workforce? What causes a woman to leave? How can we keep them and retain them? How can a woman pursue a career that she wants?

Kool Kanya: building a better future for the women of tomorrow - TimesNext
Vanshika spends with her team at Kool Kanya. Image: Time Next

On the appeal of Kool Kanya

It hasn’t been hard bringing women to the platform. They haven’t been hesitant to come since our content is fun and engaging. Our goal is to make careers fun.

Vanshika’s biggest inspiration

HerStory | Welspun India Ltd.
Vanshika Goenka and her mother. Image: YourStory

I am most inspired by my mother. She has been the wind beneath my wings. She got married at the young age of eighteen and started working at the age of thirty without ever having gone to college. It was only much later that she went to college and lived life backwards in some way.
My mother has been someone who has always taught me that if you want to persist, and if you are passionate about something, you can always do it regardless of the qualifications that you have. She’s always taught me persistence. Moreover, she has always stood her ground done a lot for women herself. And she’s always empowered my sister and me. I’ve always been able to do what I want when I want and how I want.

Vanshika’s message to Owliver’s readers

For the girls, my message would be to always believe in themselves. You can do it if you believe that you can. So, believe in yourself, no matter what anyone says. You can do anything if you set your mind to it.

My message to boys would be: It’s okay to be sensitive. It’s okay to cry, and it does not make you anything less. It’s okay to feel your emotions and, in fact, you should. Contribute to household activities. It does not make you less manly in any way, shape, or form. If you want the dance, dance. Follow your passion and be where you want to be.

Don’t think anything is not manly enough, or ‘too girly’. Feel your emotions and be authentic. Support your sisters, and treat everyone as equals.

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