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Heroes2 min read

September 8, 2021 2 min read


Heroes2 min read

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Mannat Budhiraja

Class 7

Delhi Public School, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi

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I  want answers to questions

I want the right to raise my voice

I  want a choice

This is the plea of the Afghan people

People who have suffered and bled for far too long

The world looks them as being-

Held back.



But I  see them in a different way-

As people who have been-



People who sing notes of strength-


And hope.

People who withstood years of war and violence,

Bleeding and pain,

The Taliban have controlled them before

But then won’t let them do it again.

Because they’re fighting.

So, here’s to the Afghan people-

People who  continue  to sing despite the fear that they might lose their lives.

The men and women who protest on the streets,

Bearing their country’s flag.

Fighting for  a better world.

Here’s to the women activists and female journalists

Who show the Taliban that they have a choice

That they’ll raise their voice.

Here’s to all the girls and children,

Who pick up their books and pens,

Promising themselves too never let go.

The Afghan people.

People who are fighting to break the cage that they have been imprisoned in

Through their voices and songs

And, through this poem,

Even if I can’t fully understand what they’re going through,

I’m joining their chorus,

Adding my voice to theirs,

Singing songs of bravery, hope, peace, strength and pain

To shatter the cage,

So that the Afghan people,

Can be free again.

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