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How about a cup of coffee in Gulmarg’s igloo Cafe?3 min read

March 16, 2021 2 min read


How about a cup of coffee in Gulmarg’s igloo Cafe?3 min read

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As we are moving closer to the summer, Owliver remembers a remarkable culinary experience that was created in Kashmir’s Gulmarg during the winter gone by— an igloo cafe!

Imagine sitting in a house of snow, surrounded by beautiful mountains, and eating yummy food! If this idea excites you, then so will the igloo cafe.

What’s an igloo?
An igloo is a house of snow and a shelter made out of snow against snow! Associated with Eskimos and Inuit people, these snow shelters can be found in areas capped in snow throughout the year.
Sourced from Giphy.

The cafe was opened on January 28 and ran all the way till February 28 so we will have to wait till next winter to enjoy that cup of coffee.

But here’s a little something to keep you waiting for its return.

Walk into the igloo cafe in Gulmarg

Started by the Kolahoi Green Group of Hotels and Resorts, the cafe made of snow is the country’s first and Asia’s biggest Igloo Cafe.

Nestled in a ski-resort, the cafe was 26 feet in diameter and 15 feet in height on the outside. On the inside, it was 22 feet in diameter and 12.5 feet in height. It had four tables and can accommodate sixteen guests at a time.
Although inspired by other igloo cafes in the Arctic shelters, the igloo cafe of Gulmarg had some local touch to its architecture and design with an arch door and patterned walls.

Sourced from India Today

It took 15 days to create the cafe. All of its benches and tables were made of ice. Some seating had been added to aid comfort. The cafe helped boost tourism in Jammu and Kashmir, as well as bring its name to the Limca Book of Records.

Are you, like Owliver, waiting for the next snow?

Sourced from Giphy

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