Inhale the good, exhale the bad – the importance of positive news3 min read

December 14, 2020 2 min read


Inhale the good, exhale the bad – the importance of positive news3 min read

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Phew – this is exactly my sentiment as we get closer to drawing the curtains on this difficult year, and welcoming what I hope will be a better one. Protests, Covid-19, wildfires and more protests have been blaring on news channels, written in bold letters in headlines across the world and shared across social media channels. It’s hard to switch these happenings off, its all around us!

Illustration: New Yorker

As a journalist, I am accustomed to taking in information that is disturbing and negative, more often than not. And while my skin may be thicker now, 2020 did manage to leave some scars. Studies show that constantly being exposed to ‘bad’ news can increase stress levels, cause anxiety and just generally make us feel low. I’ve heard this from a lot of friends and loved ones this year – that they’re sick of the news! But can we avoid the news altogether? No, and I don’t think we should either because I have always been of the notion that we need to be updated on the world around us, regardless of our age group.

Here’s where ‘good’ news comes in, and that is something we at Owlivers Post work towards. Human-interest stories, stories about little people doing big things, science and technology that’s bringing in positive change, and much more – this kind of content is important for children to consume, as it helps them feel inspired and motivated. However, we can’t ignore some of the harsher realities of life either.

But even while dealing with serious topics, such as this piece we did on mental health or the one on the different phases of developing a vaccine, the presentation and curation of information is key. How can we take a difficult subject and make it interesting, engaging and easy to consume? How can we include activities and challenges that help children retain relevant, important information well beyond the pages of a newspaper and the click of a button? This is a question we at Owlivers Post ask ourselves every day, and are constantly learning and unlearning from readers such as yourselves.

While we embark on this journey towards positivity and wholesome content, it’ll be wonderful to hear from our followers and readers on what you’d like us to post about and how we can deliver that content to you.

So remember to like, share and comment on our work – let’s walk into the new year feeling a little more positive, a little more hopeful!

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