Instagram’s new favourite: Sir David Attenborough

October 2, 2020 < 1 min read


Instagram’s new favourite: Sir David Attenborough

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Any reference to the planet, wildlife, or environment would be incomplete without a side thought to Sir David Attenborough, the English broadcaster and natural historian. The television presenter and naturalist, popular for his voice-overs in nature documentaries, joined Instagram last week.

David Attenborough’s deep baritone and storytelling skills have captivated generations of listeners who learned about our planet and it’s challenges through his voice. He also holds the World Records for the longest career as a television presenter, and naturalist (more than 60 years). 

On September 24th,  his Instagram account released a video where he spoke about his decision to join this medium as a way to take his message of saving the environment to a younger audience.

In 4 hours and 44 minutes, Attenborough earned 1 million followers on Instagram that landed him the World Record for the fastest time to reach that number of followers!

His new documentary, A Life On Our Planet, debuts on Netflix on October 4th.
He calls this documentary his “witness statement” and “vision for the future” and explains the effects of human activities on the planet’s health.

His account and the upcoming documentary are his ways of speaking to us.
Let’s try and listen or as he would have said, tune in.

Edit: You can watch the documentary here.

Photo: John Englart