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It’s time for the 2021 scavenger hunt!1 min read

December 31, 2020 < 1 min read


It’s time for the 2021 scavenger hunt!1 min read

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Are you ready to solve some riddles because its time for the final, the ultimate, the never been done before, the… inimitable,

For a week until New Year’s Eve, Owliver took you on a retrospective trivia of 2020. New day—New theme! At the end of each trivia, you got a riddle. Those riddles are the clues for the scavenger hunt before you. Unscramble the cryptogram at the end of the scavenger hunt to unveil our grand prize!

Haven’t got the chance to solve our puzzles and quizzes yet, no problem. Each panel on the scavenger hunt leads you back to the puzzle that holds the clue to get through to the next level. So good luck, you may now begin 2021 with an electrifying win.

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