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The Big Cat is back in Argentina’s Ibera Wetlands after 70 years2 min read

February 2, 2021 2 min read


The Big Cat is back in Argentina’s Ibera Wetlands after 70 years2 min read

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It had been 70 years since the big cat, Jaguar, prowled in Argentina. But all of this changed last month!

The Ibera Wetlands in Argentina. Sourced from Mongabay,

In an attempt to rewild the 1.75 million acre Ibera Wetland, two four-month old cubs and their mother were released into its expansive greenery. The park was established in 2018 by the NGO Tompkins Conservation.

Where did the jaguars go?

The International Union for Conservation of Nature has declared jaguars to be endangered. The situation is more grave in Argentina with only 200-300 jaguars remaining in the area. In the last 150 years, jaguars in Argentina have lost 95% of their territory. This decline in their numbers is because of loss of habitat, hunting, and human-wildlife conflict.

What does the rewilding plan look like?

According to Sebastian di Martino, conservation director at Fundación Rewildling Argentina, the plan is working out well.

For us, it is incredible … seeing these animals leaving the pen in the video and leaving their footprints in the middle of the Iberá Wetlands. We’ve had the opportunity to spot them twice already, free [in the park]. It’s an incredible accomplishment for us.”

Sebastian di Martino, in an interview with mongabay
Sourced from Mongabay

As part of the rewilding process, other animals like the giant anteaters, pampas deer, and white lipped peccaries, and red-and-green macaws have also been brought to the park over the last 14 years.
The Jaguars are the newest addition!

At least six more jaguars will be added to the park over the course of one year.
The team of conservationists will first release female jaguars as they have smaller territories and disperse less adding limited strain to the surrounding area. Once the female jaguars settle in, one male jaguar will be added to the park.

The plan will not only repopulate the park with jaguars but also prove that there is way to reintroduce jaguars into the wild!

Through the efforts of conservationists and activists, these furry cats are finally home! And many will follow suit.
Happy homecoming to these wild cats!

Sourced from Mongabay.

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