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The humanitarian charity, Khalsa Aid, gets nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize3 min read

February 2, 2021 3 min read


The humanitarian charity, Khalsa Aid, gets nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize3 min read

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The Nobel Peace Prize nominations are in! Amongst influential names of changemakers like Greta Thunberg and the World Health Organisation, there is another organisation that peaked Owliver’s interest— Khalsa Aid!

Sourced from Khalsa Aid

Khalsa Aid is a UK-based Non-Governmental Organisation that has been acknowledged for its humanitarian efforts all across the globe with this nomination (Do you remember last year’s winner?).

Khalsa Aid delivered 100,000 litres of water every day to the residents of Latur when Maharashtra was drought struck in 2016. Sourced from Twitter.

Khalsa Aid, the brainchild of Ravinder Singh from Maidenhead (Berkshire), has been working towards offering relief towards disaster over the last 21 years.

Ravinder Singh with a Yezidi refugee in Northern Iraq, where Khalsa Aid started a food and water project in 2016. Sourced from Khalsa Aid.

Khalsa Aid’s volunteers have worked in war-affected Syria and the 2016 London floods, set up refugee camps for Rohingyas on the India-Myanmar border, and offered food to those stranded due to travel bans during the COVID-19 pandemic

Most recently, Khalsa Aid installed 25 foot massager machines at the Singhu border where farmers are protesting against the Government’s three agricultural laws.

This nomination was made by Canadian politicians Tim Uppal, Patrick Brown, and Prabmeet Singh Sarkaria.

Ravinder Singh started Khalsa Aid in 1999 after seeing the plight of refugees in Kosovo.

The charity was founded on the Sikh principle that the whole of human race is one.

Talking about Khalsa, Singh said,

“We are fearless in saving humanity and fighting tyranny. Why are we not taking this philosophy further on a global level…” 

in an interview with the post

Apart from ongoing projects offering support to victims of civil conflict and natural disasters. Khalsa Aid also runs two long term projects, Focus Punjab and Langar Aid. Focus Punjab provided support to this regions, specifically. Langar Aid provides emergency food and water supplies in disaster areas and war zones. During the pandemic, Khalsa Aid was providing 50-100 hot meals to about ten hospitals in and around London.

Watch how Khalsa Aid set up a bakery for refugees on the Iraq/Syria border:

In an interview with BBC, Ravinder Singh said that the nomination is “a very, very uplifting experience, more so for our volunteers because I’ve always said that what we are is because of our volunteers”.

Sourced from The Post

The results of the Prize will be declared in October.
But the efforts of all the nominees are invaluable, already!

Sourced from India Today, BBC, Khalsa Aid, and The Post.

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