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Lakers win the NBA; Anthony Davis emerges as rising star3 min read

October 20, 2020 3 min read


Lakers win the NBA; Anthony Davis emerges as rising star3 min read

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Last week was great for basketball fans with the NBA finals between Los Angeles Lakers (LA Lakers) and the Miami Heat. The LA Lakers emerged champions in the end. Let’s take a look at how they did it.


Two years ago, arguably the greatest basketball player of all time, LeBron James, moved to the LA Lakers. Then in the 2019 NBA season, injuries plagued him and James missed the playoffs for the FIRST time in his career. Out of his last 17 seasons in the NBA, that season was the only one to date in which he missed the playoffs. 

LeBron James with Anthony Davis. Source: Giphy

After the 2019 season was over, Los Angeles became the favorite to win the 2020 Championship because of one big move on their part. The Lakers traded for Anthony Davis, one of the brightest young stars in the league. Now, they had the unbeatable duo – LeBron and Davis. Even though the Lakers was not the team with the most wins, they were the most talented going into the playoffs.

The Play-offs

Lakers had to win four out of seven games against the Denver Nuggets to reach the finals, and Anthony Davis was determined to win. Everyone knew defeating the Nuggets wouldn’t be as easy. The Lakers took the first two games, with Anthony Davis really making his impact in Game 2. Davis, with his team down one point with 2 seconds remaining, was handed the ball. He took a high-arcing three pointer, and made it! The Lakers led by 2-0, but the Nuggets weren’t ready to go home. They were able to take Game 3, but that was the end of their magic. They fizzed, and the Lakers took the next two games to give Anthony Davis his first NBA Finals.

The path to the Finals wasn’t that easy but the Finals against Miami Heat would be the hardest for the Lakers. However two important players from the Heat were injured. The Lakers took a 2-0 lead as they did in the series with Nuggets, but a lot more easily.

The Heat, led behind superstar Jimmy Butler, delivered in Game 3, with Jimmy Butler accounting for 40 of the Heat’s points. The Lakers won the next game, with 3 total wins and were one win away from the championship. But Jimmy Butler and the Heat saved themselves. Anthony Davis dominated the whole series, on defense by blocking shots, and on offense by making shots. After that the Heat took a close Game 5 to keep their series alive. Now the Lakers had won three games and the Heat had won two. The Heat had a small chance but the final game went to the Lakers.

Even though LeBron won Finals Most Valuable Player, Anthony Davis is now clearly a blossoming star. In his first season with Lakers, his new team, he won a championship. He also has been recognized as LeBron’s best teammate, who, in fact, has played with some great players. Anthony Davis has been great so far, but every NBA fan knows his best is yet to come.

But, wait! What about Covid-19?

Source: Giphy

Don’t worry we didn’t forget about our new normal. We have a whole upcoming article about how the NBA kept Covid-19 at bay by creating an isolated bubble around the teams that were playing.

Photo: CBSSports.com

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