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Owliver’s Sketchbook #73 min read

July 3, 2021 3 min read


Owliver’s Sketchbook #73 min read

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Owliver has partnered with his friends from PhilARThropy to bring your way a happy dash of art!

About PhilARThropy: PhilARThropy is a social organisation that takes art education and creation to under resourced communities by working in low income academic spaces across India).

The activities need minimum supplies, and you do not have to worry about perfecting it— this is your scrapbook. Have fun with it!

And this time it’s all the more playful as we are creating a Chinese puzzle with over 6,500 possibilities!


Tangram is a dissection puzzle consisting of seven flat pieces, called tans, which are put together to form shapes.

Image: Wikipedia

The idea is to create as many shapes as you can without repeating a shapes. The tans can be used to create birds, planes, ships, and other aesthetic designs. They are also used to challenge others to replicate the designs envisioned.

The inventor is believed to be a Chinese inventor whose pen name was Yang-cho-chu-shih, translated as dim-witted recluse. Quite an ironical name for someone who created a puzzle that has proven difficult even for the brightest of people!

The puzzle travelled all the way from China to every single corner of the world. Look at this advertisement from 1818 France:

A caricature published in France in 1818, when the tangram craze was at its peak. The caption reads: ” ‘Take care of yourself, you’re not made of steel. The fire has almost gone out and it is winter.’ ‘It kept me busy all night. Excuse me, I will explain it to you. You play this game, which is said to hail from China. And I tell you that what Paris needs right now is to welcome that which comes from far away. Image: Wikipedia

So, how about giving it a shot!

You will need a paper, a scale, a pencil and some bright colours!

Here’s a step by step video on creating a tangram:

Now, see how many shapes you can make. Also, challenge a friend or a family member to make as many or more!

And do not forget to share your fun shapes with Owliver’s Post by sharing pictures with us on

We will be waiting for them.

Image: Giphy
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