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Owliver’s Sketchbook #103 min read

September 25, 2021 3 min read


Owliver’s Sketchbook #103 min read

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Whirling with Warli | Part II

To give you a regular dose of some art, Owliver has partnered with his friends from PhilARThropy!

About PhilARThropy: PhilARThropy is a social organisation that takes art education and creation to under resourced communities by working in low income academic spaces across India).The activities need minimum supplies, and you do not have to worry about perfecting it— this is your sketchbook. Have fun with it!

Last time in Owliver’s Sketchbook, we introduced you to the wonderful artform, Warli, from Maharashtra!

Catch up by clicking on the image below:

And now that you know how to create these borders, you can proceed to Part II:

Today, we will learn how to make these really simple but visually dynamic figures:

The great thing about Warli figures is that while it uses only stick figures, the drawings look so active; there is movement inherent in all their stagnant images.

How does that happen?

It’s simple. It is the way the limbs are angled, and also how the heads are almost always tilted to the side. For instance, look at the second figure:

Doesn’t it look like the figure is moving? That is because of the way the feet have been angled.

So, let’s move to a step by step guide to learning how to create these figures to move closer to making a composite Warli design.

Here’s a step by step guide:

Now that you know how to make individual figures and figures in groups, why don’t you go ahead and try making a Warli figure for a situation of your choice. You can choose to give your figurine an instrument, or even a laptop! After all, Warli is about everyday life!

Here’s Template 2, a guiding template for inspiration:

Come back next week to learn how to make our happy furry friends in Warli.
Here’s a preview:

Till then, happy whirling with Warli-ing!

Image: Giphy
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