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Look behind the lens of this young, award-winning photographer5 min read

April 2, 2021 4 min read


Look behind the lens of this young, award-winning photographer5 min read

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Pipe Owls, which won Arshdeep the Young Wildlife Photographer of the Year Award. Photo: Arshdeep Singh

So much of our world is unexplored and unknown. That’s the mysterious beauty of our wondrous planet. Owliver met with a young photographer, Arshdeep Singh, who zooms in on this beauty by capturing images of our friends from the wild.

Arshdeep is a 13-year old wildlife photographer from Jalandhar, India, who has been decorated extensively on international stages for his work. He won the Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2018 (10 years and under at world level) for his famous image “Pipe Owls”, Young Comedy Wildlife of the Year 2018 (under 16 years), and the Young Asian Wildlife Photographer of the Award (under 18 years).

Owliver met this trailblazer, in the hope that one day, Arshdeep will photograph him, too! But mostly to get his wonderful story to our young readers like you.

Le’s get to know him, shall we?

Arshdeep travelled to forests as a child, where he was exposed to wildlife and nature at its best. Photo: Arshdeep Singh

How did it all begin?

It began at a very young age as I used to travel with my father to forests and wildlife sanctuaries. I was interested in holding his lens but he never gave it to me as I was just 3 yrs old. Later, he gave me his old landscape lens and camera to hold which was quite light. At the age of 5, he gifted me my first DSLR camera and there was no looking back thereafter!

Why did he choose photography?

I have always loved being in the forests, and with nature. So, I chose photography to remain close to nature always.

What does he consider as his biggest achievement?

In 2018, I won the Young Wildlife Photographer of the Year award in the category ’10 years and under’ for my picture ‘Pipe Owls’. I consider the award to be the biggest achievement of my life. 

The young photographer has a slew awards under his belt already. Photo: Arshdeep Singh

How did he capture the award winning image of the pipe owls in 2018?

I often travel to Kapurthala with my father for bird-watching. One Sunday morning, I went with my father once again for photographing birds. On our way, I saw a spotted owlet flying who then went inside a tube. I looked at the tube again for a few minutes and I was surprised to see a pair of owlets coming out of the tube. My dad, who initially did not believe this strange sight, was stunned to see the owls! It was really funny to see a pair of owlets coming out of a tube that was just 6-8 inches. They looked just as stunned that we had found their obscure home! The tall grass around the road side came in the way of taking the shot. But I got the car window half raised, raised my head 6-8 inches, and got the image. They were looking straight into my eyes when I got the shot. I was happy to see these beautiful spotted owlets in their urban home.

Birds aren’t his only muse. Photo: Arshdeep Singh

How does he unwind?

I like listening to music , and cycling (and other sports activities).

What keeps him going?

The hope to get another better shot keeps me going!

Who inspires him?

Tim Laman, who is one of the leading wildlife photographers in the world, really inspires me for his photography of birds.

Where does he see himself in 10 years ?

I know I would still be taking photographs of nature and wildlife as it’s my passion. I will always spend more time in nature and will continue to explore more.

And here’s Arshdeep’s message for our readers…

Images courtesy Arshdeep Singh

(Trailblazers is a bi-monthly column where we feature inspiring youngsters who are doing great things, in their own way)

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