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This man is in the Guinness World Records for living an amazing 112 years6 min read

July 13, 2021 4 min read


This man is in the Guinness World Records for living an amazing 112 years6 min read

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Emilio Flores Márquez from Puerto Rico was confirmed as the world’s oldest living man by the Guinness World Records on June 30, 2021. He is 112 years and 326 days old! Think of it this way— there is no man alive on Earth who has lived longer than Márquez. How exclusive is that!

Let’s get to know more about this record-breaker, shall we?

For all those who say that age is just a number, in Marquez’s case it has proved to be a very important number that has brought him fame from all over the world (Read: Humans can live up to 150 years).

What is Guinness World Record?
It is a reference book that is published annually. It lists world records both of human achievements and the extremes of the natural world. It was started in 1955.

People have gone through a lot of struggle to become Guinness World Record holders. There are all sorts of records from the heaviest weight supported by a human tongue to the most layered bed of nails sandwich!
Why do you think these records matter? Why do you think people aspire to be in this reputed Book of Records?

Emilio Flores Márquez was born on August 8th in 1908 in Carolina, Puerto Rico. Do you notice something peculiar about his date of birth? Try to figure it out and see if your answer matches Owliver’s observations at the end of this story!
He was the second-oldest of eleven children, and dedicated a major part of his life to caring for his siblings. He grew up on a sugarcane farm, where he helped his father by watering the sugarcane and loading it onto wagons. He became a farmer himself.

All you need is love

When asked about the secret to this longevity, Márquez gave credit to the love he has experienced in his life.

My father raised me with love, loving everyone. He always told me and my siblings to do good, to share everything with others. Besides, Christ lives in me.

Márquez, guinness world records

He is affectionately called Don Millo and believes that the key to his long life is abundance of love, and the absence of anger.

He found this love in his wife of 75 years, Andrea Perez. They had four children, two of whom are still alive and with Márquez. Perez passed away in 2010. Marquez presently is a grandfather to five children and also a great grandfather to five children.

Márquez underwent a major surgery to implant a pacemaker at the age of 101. But eleven years later he continues to be strong and healthy, celebrating life!

He received the honour at his home in Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico.

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Before Márquez, the oldest living man on Earth was Romania’s Dumitru Comănescu who was born on Nov. 21, 1908.
He passed away at the age of 111 years and 219 days. It was only after his death that the team at Guinness got evidence for Márquez’s age.
He was born three months before Comănescu.

The editor-in-chief of Guinness World Records, Craig Glenday, celebrated the spirit for life embodied by both of them.

Márquez has lived for more than a century! Think of it this way— he has seen both the World Wars, was born only 10 years after Puerto gained Independence from colonial rule, saw the suffragette, 9/11, the pandemics influenza and coronavirus— that’s a lot in a lifetime!

But his message remains clear. He credits his life to love. And love transcends time.

Speak to your grandparents and ask them to share one life-lesson with you! They have seen so much of life and will definitely have some pearls of wisdom to share. Share them with us in the comments section, below.

Answer key: Márquez was born on the eighth day of the eighth month of the eighth year of the 20th century!

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With excerpts from USA Today, NY Post, and Guinness World Records

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