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Nepalese climbers set new heights for cleanliness2 min read

April 13, 2021 2 min read


Nepalese climbers set new heights for cleanliness2 min read

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There are many reasons to scale mountains. For some, it is adrenaline. For others, like our trailblazer mountaineer, it is humbling. And then there are reasons as given by a group of Nepalese climbers— cleaning up the Everest base camp!
This group spent 47 days to clear up 2.2 tons of trash from the Everest basecamp.

© Bally Peak Outlook Foundation

Every spring, close to 500 climbers attempt to scale the Everest. With more such attempts, the paths leading up to the summit have been littered with trash like plastic bottles, discarded oxygen cylinders, kitchen waste, and more.

The pandemic has restricted presence in the area, and these climbers have made the most of this absence by cleaning up the space!
This expedition included 12 climbers, who also went on to clean seven other tall peaks in Nepal.

Nepal is home to eight of the world’s highest peaks! Situate them in decreasing order in the puzzle below:

© Bally Peak Outlook Foundation

The expedition was conducted in collaboration with Bally Peak Outlook, a Swiss luxury brand committed to protecting the world’s most extreme environments (and mountains) against the effects of tourism and global warming. Led by Nepali climbers and environmental activist Dawa Steven Sherpa, the locals of the area have been cleaning up this area since 2008! Sherpa considers the mountains to be a spiritual home, and a responsibility bestowed upon them.

When we take away garbage from the mountains, it must feel to the gods like taking a thorn out of their finger.

Steven Sherpa, the Indian express

This expedition has been captured in a four-part series of short documentary films. Catch the first episode, here:

Sourced from The Indian Express