Look us up for news that inspires an entire generation3 min read

November 24, 2020 3 min read


Look us up for news that inspires an entire generation3 min read

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There used to be a program the World This Week which would air every Friday in the 1980s. My entire family would finish their dinner to be seated in the drawing room floor and sofa to watch it together. It was our window into the world in the age when there was no cable and only Doordarshan to watch. And the news about the world was never enough.

The World This Week was run by the venerable Prannoy Roy before he started NDTV. It covered, all important stories of the week, nothing more. The simplicity of it was so powerful that it riveted millions of people to their screens.

With the changing times, such packaged news bite has been hard to find. We started looking for good news channels and online news for students. And surprisingly there were not many options. With this motivation, Owliver’s Post was created. The Team at Owliver’s Post wakes up every day to write for our Children.

The race for content

I have two children, ages 10 and 12 and always looking for great content to broaden their world view. And it’s not easy to find. In this jungle of internet information, they can get lost. From our research these are the websites I found, where children can find good news content.

Robin Age : They are both an Online and Print newspaper delivered fortnightly to subscribers. Robin Age also offers activity sheets. However they don’t have a FREE newspaper yet.

The Children’s Post : I like how Nidhi Arora, the chief editor of The Children’s Post (TCP) is building it. She started TCP when her son was 8 years old. She was inspired by the lack of general knowledge and critical analysis skills of candidates during MBA Interviews. They recently launched an online news website Kids News which also has articles in Hindi. The Children’s post also prepares a daily print edition of their news. The print edition has a cost, but the website articles are free.

Newsela : This news service is used by lot of schools in the US and caters to news there. Teachers use it to improve reading comprehension of students. There are activities to do with each article so that the teachers can know how well the student understood the articles.

CNN 10 : This is a video production of CNN each weekday. It’s a 10 minute segment that is used by lot of schools in US. It is the closest to what the World this week from Prannoy Roy used to be. During pandemic times it’s a great resource for students to catch up on news of the world.

Why Owliver’s Post

While, I would like to claim that there is nothing like Owlivers Post, would love to hear what you think by writing to us at Owliver is more holistic with book and movie reviews, our very own comic strip, puzzles, and much more. We believe in making sure we cater to all facets of a child’s interests, while making it educational too. Our weekly ‘Your’s Curiously’ column is a favourite among thousands of young readers. The writers of Owliver’s Post have written for children for many years and partner closely with parents and teachers to produce the best content. They are not just writers, but artists, journalists, illustrators, and robot builders.

Read Owliver’s Post with your children and you’ll find how thoughtful the writing has been. This is what it takes your children to be engaged and have a holistic world view. If this happens, it’s Owliver’s mission accomplished. Owlivers is Free, because we believe in making it available to all students.

We started a Weekly Newsletter recently, where you hear from Team Owliver about the World This Week.