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Owliver’s movie of the week: Enola Holmes3 min read

October 18, 2020 2 min read


Owliver’s movie of the week: Enola Holmes3 min read

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When the wild mother of a wild child disappears, the young but intelligent girl has a mystery to decode. Join Enola Holmes, sister of the famous and unrivaled detective Sherlock Holmes, as she uses her sleuth skills and jujitsu powers to find her missing mother. 

Enola Holmes: Henry Cavill On How His Sherlock Holmes Is Different Than  Benedict Cumberbatch & Robert Downey Jr! | Eagles Vine
These are just a few of the actors that have played Sherlock Holmes in the past.

This Movie is based on ‘The Enola Holmes Mysteries’, a young adult fiction series of detective novels by American author Nancy Springer.

Although her brother is famously intelligent, the world is yet to find out that even though Enola is a woman, she is just as smart! In fact, she takes after yet another improper but magnificent woman, her mother, Eudoria. Eudoria is at the center of the suffrage movement in England, which demanded that women are equal to men and should have the right to vote!

Jacinda Ardern wins second term as New Zealand's prime minister in election  landslide

Look how far we have come:  

While women had to once fight for their right to vote, yesterday Jacinda Ardern won her second term presidency as the leader of New Zealand. She has been internationally celebrated as one of the kindest leaders in the world.

Enola often hops out of 19th Century England to talk to the audience and keep you up to speed! She tells you that she not only has to find her mother but also has to escape her horrible brother Mycroft. He wants to send Enola to a finishing school or an institute where women are taught to be proper ladies. But Enola is already as womanly as she can be. She is smart, intelligent, and a champion warrior. She just has no interest in wearing uncomfortable clothes, sipping tea the right way, or getting married to a rich man. Besides, Enola can not only take care of herself but also saves the life of a young count who keeps finding himself in death’s grip!

So what are you waiting for? The game is afoot!

Fun Fact: Millie Bobby Brown, the actress who plays Enola Holmes is 16 years old, just like her character.

Director: Harry Brabdeer

You can watch this movie on Netflix.

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Source: Enola Holmes, 2020.