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This fashionable footwear brand is also ethical4 min read

March 9, 2021 3 min read


This fashionable footwear brand is also ethical4 min read

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Did you know that sneaker production contributes 1.4% to the global greenhouse gas emissions. Now, this is a lot considering that air travel in itself contributes 2.5%! Is there an ethical way around this?

This is where Paaduks comes in— a footwear brand on a mission to create eco-friendly shoes and financially support cobblers and their families.

Jay & Jothsna Rege (co-founders) and their associate Megha Rawat (extreme right) handle everything at Paaduks. ©Rohan Podtar. Sourced from The Better India.

The beginning…

It started in early 2013, when the co-founder, Jay Rege discovered the story of an entrepreneur who imported scrap tyres out of Indonesia, made chappals out of them, and sold them in the US. Rege further sensitised this model by adding to Paaduks the social empowerment of its cobblers.

Paaduks was born in mid-2013.

A closer look…

Paaduk derives its name from the Sanskrit term for footwear. It moves towards 100% sustainability and allows its consumers to look, and feel good about the choices they are making by choosing this product.

Sourced from The Better India

Paaduks creates beautiful handcrafted footwear using discarded rubber, and shares profits from their sales with the cobblers who created them. This helps in supporting the healthcare and educational needs of the cobblers and their families.

A Paaduk shoe has it sole made out of upcycled automobile or airplane rubber tyres, old tyres, conveyor belts, and rubber mats. This reduces the carbon footprint of the product and its production by cancelling the need to produce new rubber. Even the upper part of the shoes are not made of animal product. Paaduk uses vegan leather, jute, and cotton fabric for his shoes.

Beyond the environmental triumph, Paaduk also looks out for its cobblers by paying them thrice the market rate, as the existing rate is an underestimation of their skill and effort. As mentioned on their website:

The cobblers at work at Paaduks workshop. ©Rohan Podtar. Sourced from The Better India.

The major tour de force behind Paaduks are the cobblers of Kurla. Often exploited by retailers and wholesalers while battling socio-economic realities, these shoemakers are forced into a vicious cycle of debt. At Paaduks, we have made the conscious choice of addressing their issues. We ensure their talent and ingenuity is duly rewarded so that they become financially capable of establishing a prosperous community of their own.

From Paaduks
Team Paaduks working together. ©Rohan Podtar. Sourced from The Better India

Having a Paaduks pair in one’s closet is a constant reminder of one’s contribution to keeping the environment healthy and happier.

Access the collection, here.

Sourced from Paaduks and The Better India

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