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People want this space tourist to stay there and never return7 min read

June 23, 2021 5 min read


People want this space tourist to stay there and never return7 min read

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On the 20th of July, Jeff Bezos is zooming off to space. He’s only going to be up there for about 10 minutes, but as you’d imagine, the news has created quite a stir. So, let’s get into why. ** Other than the fact that he’s going INTO OUTER SPACE**

Who is Jeff Bezos?

This man is a lot of things. He is the owner and creator of Amazon,(yup that place you get all your stuff from), and he’s also the second richest person on this planet. Just look at that chart. That’s all the companies that Jeff Bezos owns entirely or in large part!!

All the companies in Jeff Bezos's empire, in one (large) chart - MarketWatch
How many of these logos do you recognise? Image: Market Watch

Jeff Bezos is worth a whopping 193 billion dollars or 1,43,10,55,43,50,000 rupees.

He is richer than 92% of the world’s countries. If he continues at this rate, jeff Bezos could be worth more than the United States by 2050. Watch this video to try and imagine the extent of Jeff Bezos’ riches.

Why is he going to space?

Like most billionaires these days, Jeff Bezos wants to take a trip to space. There have been a few people who’ve already made the journey, but Bezos is taking passengers with him. Not only that, he is going in his own rocket! Well, sort of, it’s a rocket that has been built by the scientists working at a company that he owns called Blue Origin. Blue Origin is making rockets that can take tourists out to space for Business and Leisure.

What kind of business, you ask?

Well, that’s a question that has yet to be answered.
A young boy that we interviewed had some ideas about what he would do in space. Click on the image below to read about what he said.

So, who is he taking with him?

Who Is Mark Bezos? Meet Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos' Younger Brother
Jeff Bezos and his younger brother, Mark Bezos. Image: Business Insider

The spacecraft that Jeff Bezos is travelling on, New Shepard, can carry six passengers and requires no pilot. Despite that, New Shepard will only take four people on this 11-minute journey to Outer space. Jeff Bezos has announced that he is taking his brother, Mark Bezos, on the space flight with him. He has also auctioned off another seat for a colossal 28 million dollars!! The fourth co-passenger is yet to be announced.

Wow! that was a lot. Take a break and when you return remember to read all about why some want Jeff Bezos to stick around in space and never return!

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