My ghostly birthday3 min read

July 14, 2021 3 min read


My ghostly birthday3 min read

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Rupashi Nagi

St. Mark’s Senior Secondary School

Class 7

Chapter 1: The girl

It was the night before my birthday. I was very happy. My parents locked me in my room, so that I do not get to know the surprises planned by them. I was sitting still by my window when I was saw the shops getting closed because it was already 10:00 pm. I saw people rushing back home. Then I saw a girl approaching me. She was wearing a white colour dress and on that dress, I could see hand prints smeared in red. I thought she was a ghost!

Chapter 2: The swing 

She started walking towards me. And then my eyes went to my favourite swing hanging on a tree. It was moving very fast almost as if someone was sitting on it and moving. Then again, I thought that it was some kind of a ghost!
I was very scared and it was already 11:00 pm. My parents had already gone to bed. I was all alone and scared enough that I was shivering with fear. Then my eyes went back to that girl.. but she was no longer there!

Chapter 3: My parents 

Then I heard some voices.. it was my parents! I was very scared. I tried to close the window but I was not able to because my hands were shivering with fear. I called out to my parents.. but instead I heard their voices, My father said, “Rupashi.. do not open the door.” My mother chimed in saying “Yes dear, we are there for you. Do not worry. Just keep your door closed.” But then, their voices abruptly ended. This is when I started panicking. 

Chapter 4: The boy and some children

I heard some more voices! This time, I saw that some children were coming near me.. and a boy was leading them down the street.

As they came closer, I could see that the girl was with them.

Chapter 5: OMG my friends 

I started crying, and shut my eyes tight. I could feel them coming closer. And then, they suddenly spoke together, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY RUPASHI.” I opened my eyes to see that they had all removed their masks. I saw that they were my friends dressed as ghosts to give me a surprise party! My tears dried to make way for relief and laughter!

My parents joined in with a cake and were relieved to uncover the mystery!

We danced and sang the night away. Even now, we get together to laugh at the memory and chills of my ghostly birthday…

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