Lockdown and me4 min read

July 14, 2021 3 min read


Lockdown and me4 min read

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Sudhanva V

Nurture International School, Bangalore

Class 6

I live in a small residential area. My neighbours are very friendly, and I have got many friends to play with everyday. We go to the park regularly to play cricket, football and sometimes we just sit and crack some jokes. The traffic around our area is very less and we have a lot of trees, hence we get to breathe cool air.

March is my favourite month of the year as my dad and I are born in the same month. But in March 2020, I felt and got to see many changes around. It was so still that it almost felt like the Earth had stopped rotating. Everyone was nervous, some panicked and a few people went back to their native villages. That was the time when we were not aware of words like lockdown, quarantine and COVID. Now, these are the most happening topics in the whole world!

Lockdown is a situation wherein everyone is asked to stay in their house until it is very urgent. All the offices , schools and colleges were closed. No transport facility was available. There were lots of restrictions everywhere. Like every coin has two faces, there are dark sides and bright sides to the lock down.

I always like to start with positive first.

I got to spend a lot of time with my family as both my parents were at home.I got a chance to learn many indoor games from my grandmother. Many a times, I used to wonder what my parents used to do in their offices. I had never gotten a chance to be there with them and understand what exactly they did but now I know their job responsibilities and I help them too! I feel proud of them as they work so hard. When I grow up I will definitely follow their path. My online classes also started during the lockdown. Was it tough, you may ask? Yes, in the beginning. But later we got used to it and I enjoyed my online classes as well! I taught few games to my parents also. It was always fun helping my grandmother in her prayer room, doing small work in the kitchen. I used this time to enhance knowledge of computers also.

Lockdown had its struggles too as it reminds us of a time when so many people were sick and lost their lives. I could also see my parents struggling to get basic medicines and groceries required for day to day activities. I could not go out and play with my friends freely. I missed my swimming classes, and I missed my school (and I continue to mis them even now). I could not travel and meet my relatives and cousins. Everyday when I saw the news on the television I used to get scared.

Click on the image for a lowdown on the lockdown from Owliver’s archives

But the Lockdown taught the world a valuable lesson — How to adjust with available resources, and how to be more creative as we had minimum raw materials to do our work. We learnt that it is very important to protect our environment, and grow more trees for fresh air. Mother Nature is really kind and she will protect us if we help her.

We must continue to follow rules like wearing mask properly, maintaining social distance, washing our hands often, getting timely vaccinations, and going out only when necessary!

And before we know it, another March will come around when we will be able to go to the playgrounds to play cricket, football, and crack some jokes.

Till then, stay home, stay safe!

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  1. Padmaja

    Awesome write up sudhanva .

  2. N.T.Anantharam. (Ramu tha tha)

    Nice writing dear Sudhanva I am thrilled with your vocabulary and formation of sentences. Keep it up one day you can be a good author and write your experiences of lock down for future generations.

  3. Narasimhan

    Superb write up. Keep it up

  4. Suma H R,Vice Principal,NISB

    We are very proud of you dear Sudhanva.Keep up the good work!

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