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Room 309 in this Kerala hotel is a Maradona shrine!3 min read

November 29, 2020 3 min read


Room 309 in this Kerala hotel is a Maradona shrine!3 min read

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On November 25, the world lost legendary footballer Diego Maradona. People around the world mourned the loss of the Argentinian sportsman, who is considered the greatest footballer of all time. Shrines were built in not only his hometown, but also in some of the most unlikely corners of the globe. One such spot dedicated to the legend is in Kerala, specifically the Blue Nile hotel in Kannur district.

Ravindran welcoming Maradona to his hotel in Kannur

The owner of this hotel, V Ravindran, remembers fondly of the time Maradona stayed at his establishment back in October 2012. Since then, room no. 309 of the hotel has become a tiny museum of sorts in memory of Maradona’s visit. Plates, spoons, bed sheets, bathroom accessories and, shockingly, even the shell of the prawns he ate were kept in glass frames! The room also has a display of rare pictures of the footballer and newspaper clippings about him.

Only fans of the footballer get to stay in the ‘Maradona special suite’, as only they would realise the value of this room. Ravindran says at least two or three guests stay in this room a month. The day after Maradona’s death, the room was opened to the public from 10 am to 5pm.

Football Frenzy!

Did you know there’s an entire church dedicated to Maradona? Here are some other quirky shrines built in honour of the football icon.

The Church of Maradona in Argentina

Iglesia Maradoniana, Rosario, Argentina

The Church of Maradona, founded in 1998, draws thousands of ‘worshippers’ from around the world. The church celebrates two festivals – Maradonian Easter on June 22, the anniversary of the Hand of God goal ( a phrase used by Maradona to describe a goal he scored during the 1986 FIFA World Cup), and Maradonian Christmas on October 30, Maradona’s birthday.

Nilo, Naples, Italy
Nilo, a coffee bar with a shrine to the footballer, has become a place of pilgrimage for fans. Its altar is said to hold a strand of Maradona’s hair, apparently acquired by the bar’s owner on a flight he shared with the legend.

This entire wall is dedicated to the football player

The Wall at Largo degli Artisti, Naples, Italy
At the Largo degli Artisti square in Quartieri Spagnoli, Naples, is a crowdsourced shrine that takes up an entire wall! Here, fans from around the world leave Maradona memorabilia – from jerseys to pictures to flags.

The Creation of Messi at a football club in Argentina

The Creation of Messi, Buenos Aires, Argentina
A local artist has taken Michelangelo’s famous ‘The Creation of Adam’ painting and given it a twist. In the original, painted on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel in Rome, God reaches out to Adam with the spark of life. Here, on the ceiling of a local football club, Maradona extends his hand to pass that spark to fellow Argentinian footballer Lionel Messi.

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