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Scotland to become the world’s first rewilding nation2 min read

May 4, 2021 2 min read


Scotland to become the world’s first rewilding nation2 min read

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Scotland is known for its castles, kilts, vikings, bagpipers, and beauty!

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And the beautiful Scotland might get even more beautiful with thriving nature as it leans towards rewilding.

What is rewilding?

Rewilding assumes that nature knows what’s best for it. So, it allows nature to regenerate and get healthy on its own, with a little push from us humans. It includes reintroduction of species, and preventing fragmentation of rivers.

Rewilding allows human intervention only to a degree after which, nature takes over and heals itself.

Does it work?

Rewilding has shown promise. Let’s study the story of Yellowstone National Park in the US.

In the beginning of the 20th century, wolves were hunted to extinction and their prey, the elks, multiplied. The excessive population of elks led to overgrazing of the land. Songbirds lost their habitat, and beavers had no material to build their dams. Riverbanks began to erode, and water temperatures rose in the absence of shade. The loss of one species had such a great impact on the park’s ecosystem.
To remedy this, 14 wolves were reintroduced to the park and in 20 years, the increase in their population has helped bring the balance back to Yellowstone!

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Scotland’s rewilding mission

Over the past few years, the Scottish Rewilding Alliance is calling upon politicians to create policies that will make Scotland the first rewilding nation of the world. The SWA is seeking more commitment towards the environment from parties contesting in the upcoming elections. Rewilding is a major part of that promise.

The SWA is urging all political parties to commit to five measures to boost environmental health of Scotland—

  1. Rewilding of 30% of public land
  2. Establishment of a community fund to support rewilding in towns and cities
  3. Reintegration of key species like the rehoming beavers, and the eurasian lynx (subject to local support)
  4. Creation of a coastal zone where dredging and trawling are banned
  5. Creation of plans to restore deer population, and control overgrazing

The SWA commissioned a public poll to gauge local support for rewilding. Three-fourth of those who voted supported the idea.

Scotland might prove to be a leader in yet another pathbreaking solution to environmental degradation. Owliver will keep you posted!

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