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Skyroot — A giant leap for India’s space dreams1 min read

October 12, 2020 < 1 min read


Skyroot — A giant leap for India’s space dreams1 min read

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It looks like India is very close to seeing another rocket on the launchpad. Skyroot, a private space launch vehicle maker, has successfully tested its upper stage rocket engine, Raman. It is the first private player to do so. The engine is named after an Indian Nobel Prize winner, Sir C.V. Raman.

The lower-stage engine is the one that takes the rocket off the launchpad. Once the lower-stage engine has run out of fuel, it separates. The upper stage engine then fires up to take the rocket further into orbit

Skyroot will be going through many more steps to cement its status in the Indian space history. It is already working on three spacecraft — the Vikram 1, Vikram 2, and Vikram 3 that will use the Raman engine.

Some of Skyroot’s success is credited to ISRO, the Indian Space Research Organization, which has given Skyroot permission to use its launch facilities.

It’s exciting to see that Skyroot will launch India into a new space generation!

Author: Rishi Jain

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Credit: Skyroot Aerospace